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Board of Directors and Committees

Thornhill Board of Directors

as of December 2022

President:  Belinda Place

 Secretary:  Robert Collins

 Treasurer:  Kristen Mallett

Board Meeting Dates for 2023

      April 18, 2023

       June 13, 2023

       August 1, 2023

       October 12, 2023

       December 5, 2023  Annual Mtg



     Residents can attend a Board of Directors meeting to listen in simply by contacting Steve Miller at SS Maguire or any Board member 10 days prior to the meeting.  As of Dec 2020, Board meetings have moved to Zoom due to the Pandemic. Steve will provide you with a Zoom invitation before the meeting.

     If you have a particular topic you would like to discuss, please let Steve know in writing via email and he will make sure there is time on the agenda either for that month or at a future meeting. 


Thornhill Committees

   Building Committee


     The purpose of this committee is to plan for the replacement and upgrading of

    our units' exterior elements including roofs, siding, decks, front steps, gutters,



     Landscaping Committee

     This committee's goal is to enhance the outdoor environment of Thornhill by

     monitoring the maintenance and improvement of lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers

     and other plantings.

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