Thornhill is a 70-unit,

townhouse style condominium complex in southern New Hampshire.

We are located in the lovely

New England town of Stratham, incorporated in 1716 and now

having a population of

approximately 7200 residents.

Thornhill Condos is

located on 25 wooded acres and

enjoys a quiet, rural character

while also being located

within close proximity to schools, stores, restaurants and other businesses. 

Notes from Steve at SS Maquire Management:

RECYCLING:  Beginning February 1, 2021, Thornhill recycling will be picked up in 3 new locations. New white signs with a green recycle symbol have been installed to indicate where you should place your bins on Thursdays. You can read all the details of this change on the "Information and Services" page of this website or in Steve's email of Jan 15, 2021. A copy of Steve's memo will also be posted on the Mail House door. Thanks for participating in the Stratham town recycling program!

WATER:  For anyone who is interested, Epping Well and Pump Co., Inc has just prepared a new document for us entitled:   Emergency Action Plan for Thornhill Condominiums' Community Water System. You can view the entire plan in the "Residents Only" section.

Thornhill "Residents Only" Section

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 information for residents only

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Thornhill Book Swap

 The next time you are in the mail house

 be sure to visit our book swap.

Take a book or leave a book. 

Both hard cover and

paperback are welcome 

as are magazines,

audio books,

and children’s books.

Photo credits:  J. Austin

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