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Christmas Tree Removal

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

     On Tuesday, Jan 7, 2020, Pace Tree Service will be picking up all Christmas trees that have been placed outside the the trash area. Just leave your tree next to the fenced-in dumpster area (not inside the fence and not in the dumpster) no earlier than Saturday, Jan 4th and no later than Monday, Jan 6th and we will remove it for you.

      If you must dispose of your tree either before or after this time, please take it to the Stratham Transfer Station. If your tree is identified in the rubbish dumpster, a fine will be imposed for not properly disposing of your tree. 

     Thank you for your cooperation and if there are any questions please call S.S. Maguire Management at 603-868-1262.



  • Please be reminded that we will be following the same process as we did last winter with regards to relocating vehicles out of parking spaces once a snow storm has concluded.


  • In “normal” storms (normal storms = snow accumulation of 2”-12”), during the snow storm the snow contractor is responsible for clearing the main roadway, walkways, and sidewalks after 2” of snow has accumulated and throughout the storm.  Once the snow storm has concluded, the contractor will return to clear parking spaces the following day at 10am and on.  Therefore, we ask that NO VEHICLES be relocated until 10am the next day (unless of course you leave for work or off property) as you will have full access to and from your front door to your vehicle.  At 10am, all unit owners vehicles need to remove their vehicles from their parking spaces and placed on their respective island so the contractor can clear all parking spaces at once.  This process should take no more than an hour or two (depending on the amount of snow) and then once your parking space has been cleared you can place your vehicle back into your parking space.  The more residents cooperate in this process the faster the contractor will be able to clear your parking space and minimize the inconvenience.


  • For the owners who reside in units 48-70, it is particularly important not to place your vehicle on the island until 10am the next day as it is very difficult for the contractor to get by with vehicles in their parking spaces and on the island which will only slow down the process.


  • The only time we would advise you to move your vehicle outside of the 10am timeframe would be if we have an extreme snowstorm where snow lasts more than 1 day or is over 12” in accumulation.  In this case, we will send out an email providing you direction on when to relocate your vehicle the day prior to the storm or sooner.